RepsFinder According to the news, Balenciaga x Lay’s “potato chip clutch” is asking for $1,800

Under the leadership of creative director Demna, Balenciaga revolutionizes fashion with unique ideas Defining a belief, every time a new product is released, a highly discussed item is born. The Spring/Summer 2023 series “The Mud Show”, which was released during Paris Fashion Week, was no exception. One of the “potato chip clutches” co-created by Lay’s immediately became the center of attention. The handbag uses wrinkled leather with a glossy effect to interpret the composite plastic texture of the packaging itself, with details such as the potato chip pattern and brand logo. Even the bar code and heat table are highly restored. Finally, a zipper design is added to the opening to re-examine the most ordinary things in people’s daily lives with high-quality techniques. I hope viewers can delve deeper into what is “fashion” after laughing.

I believe the special look has aroused the desire of many people to get started. The most curious thing is definitely the price. Although a pack of Lay’s chips is only $4 dollars, this leather clutch with the appearance of a “potato chip package” is not just that. The unexpected joint project is now being reported to be asking for $1,800, 450 times the price of the product mentioned above. The exact official price of the Balenciaga x Lay package is currently unknown. It is expected to hit the shelves later this year at the same time as the Spring/Summer 2023 collection. Interested readers may wish to drop by to learn more.

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