RepsFinder A BATHING APE® ︎ x STASH x LEICA Tripartite Co-branded D-LUX 7 Camera officially unveiled

A EXCLUSIVE APE® ︎ teamed up with New York graffiti artist STASH to create a tripartite joint LEICA D-LUX 7 camera with German camera brand LEICA, bringing together two forces from Tokyo and New York in the birthplace of LEICA.

This time, the co-branded version of D-LUX 7 combines the ABC camouflage totem of BAPE® with the classic ape-man head in the exterior design, adding STASH’s signature graffiti handwriting. STASH says, “In the early 1980s when I started graffiti, there was no such thing as ‘street art in all words. My creative career began in places such as subway tunnels and train stations, and luckily they were eventually made public. Photographically documenting these works is also part of my creativity. When digital cameras were born, I had the first LEICA camera in my life. It has precise color recognition, and visual expression, and provides a high degree of creative freedom. LEICA shared the idea of empowering the younger generation to play a central role in its field. The creative elements have always been closely linked, and stories from one field are made under the influence of the other two.”

The tripartite also brought the LEICA D-LUX 7 equipped carrying kit, which includes a uniform camouflage camera case, strap, and lens cover that opens automatically. It is available in two color options: black, exclusive to LEICA, and silver, exclusive to BAPE® ︎. The BAPE® × STASH × LEICA co-branded D-LUX 7 camera will be sold worldwide at major BAPE stores® in mainland China on August 20. Interested readers may wish to keep an eye out.

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