Porsche co-branded sold out in seconds before! Another “super classic” retro running shoe is back! Let’s ask for more color matching!

This reprinted version restores the original look and feel of the 1980 classic look and material settings. The authentic retro lineage is quite satisfying for players who love OG.

The shoe body continues to be made of breathable nylon with a delicate leather runway logo

The leather lining is lightly padded for a lightweight and comfortable fit.

The top of the shoe has a green base that symbolizes the runway, and the white word PUMA stands out. The bottom is the classic cougar logo, bringing back the rich retro charm of the last century.

The most relatable Federbein The sole technology is preserved in its entirety.

The protruding round nail outsole is not only visually unique and alternative; it forms a certain cushioning deformation on the outside when stressed, thereby providing excellent shock absorption and wearing comfort.

The heel is stitched with suede and lychee leather to complete the heel Support.

The bronzed cougar logo echoes the words PUMA Fast Rider on the side of the shoe, highlighting the family heritage of veteran running shoes.

It is worth mentioning in particular that the color scheme is very rich this time.


The return of PUMA Fast Rider OG

in this reprint It has a classic retro look and also shows rich textures and contrasting color effects.

Often vintage running shoes are hard to own, After all, cushioning technology from decades ago cannot meet the foot feeling needs of modern people.

Compared to PUMA Fast Rider OG, the foot-feel performance was very surprising to Xiaobian, and the comfortable stretch feeling after wearing it was impressive. ¨C49C¨C50C¨C51C¨C52C¨C53CThanks, on the one hand, to Federbein sole technology The innate advantage is that through the stress deformation of the outsole round nail, it has an obvious cushioning effect. ¨C54C¨C55COn the other hand, the midsole material has also been improved and upgraded this time compared to the first year’s shoe models. In addition to not changing the OG shape, Rider form midsole material has also been added to achieve high resilience. ¨C56C¨C57C¨C58C¨C59C¨C60CIt allows it to retain the vitality of 80s fashion while retaining it It also makes the foot feel more comfortable and comfortable to keep up with the times. ¨C61C¨C62CThe soft bullet is adjusted just right, and there is no pressure for everyday commute wear. ¨C63C¨C64C¨C65C¨C66C¨C67CThe lightweight nylon upper gives a more breathable wearing experience, combined with The suede material is filled with a fine leather lining, and the lightweight wrapping performance is just as satisfying.

More eye-catching bright and contrasting colors are coming out one after another. For players who like personality, More options are provided to get started, so interested friends must pay more attention!

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