“Pelican” Zion 2 just came to light! Sale details revealed!

“Zion” Williamson, the· fat tiger, made a strong comeback this season, and the Pelicans’ record was quite impressive.

What’s even more surprising is that Jordan Zion 2 has released a new color scheme after a long absence, and the appearance is not low!

The inspiration for this color theme comes from Zion’s Pelicans team.

The combination of cream, red, and navy blue looks very harmonious, and in terms of appearance, it is considered one of the best in the series.

It is worth mentioning that the mandarin duck design is also used in places such as the heel and lining, making people’s eyes shine.

The Jordan and Zion logos on the heel have also been specially treated, and the furry texture is perfect for the fall and winter atmosphere.

It is reported that the brand new Jordan Zion 2“ Pelicans” will officially go on sale on November 17 at a price of $120 , if you like it, get ready to get started in advance!

Jordan Zion 2“ Pelicans”
Item Number:
DV0549-164 Sale Date: November 17
Sale Price: $120

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