Owen Nike signature shoes are a hit! “True Kyrie 8” is finally on sale!

When it comes to life as a whole, “Immortals of Europe” is not too much to give up compared to Kanye West. When the previous generation of signature shoes wasn’t on sale, Owen posted a furious post.

As a result of his dissatisfaction, these shoes are now named Kyrie Infinity and kicked out of the ranks of the regular generation.

The 9th generation combat boots that have recently come to light are defined as “True· Kyrie 8,” and it can be seen that Owen recognized it.

After being the first to reveal a variety of color schemes, the official image was finally released recently, and the release date was announced.

It can be seen that the shape is clearly different from the previous two generations.

The upper has a more holistic design, and the transparent yarn reveals the internal support structure, and the oversized Swoosh is extremely visually impactful.

The midsole also uses a more speedy line, and the forefoot is still wrapped in rubber.

The technical configuration of the Air Zoom Strobel continues, but the exact placement is currently unknown.

On the outsole, you can see elements such as fly catching grass that Owen loves. With a fine texture, it looks like it should have good anti-slip properties.

Owen wore these shoes early this time, and it can be seen that he is quite satisfied.

These shoes will also be Owen’s signature shoes at Nike, and if you like the style of shoes designed for him by Nike, this is your last chance.

According to current information, it will go on sale on November 24 for $140. We will continue to pay attention to the details and bring the latest reports as soon as possible.

Nike Kyrie 8
Item Number:
DJ6017-100 Sale Date: November
24 Sale Price: $140

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