“ON”——Shanghai Xintiandi Direct Store Officially Opened

Recently, the Swiss sports brand On Run officially opened its sixth direct-run store in Shanghai in Xintiandi Nanli. Since opening its first direct-run store in Shanghai in 2019, the brand has successively opened direct stores in many landmark business districts and runner-friendly communities in Shanghai. As a vane for young cultural life in Shanghai today, the Xintiandi area gathers a diverse group of young consumers who love sports. The overall space design of On Xintiandi stores follows On’s consistent design concept, combining and presenting the love for technology and nature in an innovative and sustainable manner. The space incorporates a large area of metal and frame design, and the iconic green tone permeates it, complemented by raw wood embellishments, presenting a blend of modern city and nature. The sustainable concept that On has always adhered to is also fully conveyed through an overall design that is environmentally friendly, reusable and recyclable. There is a high degree of fusion between Swiss precision and the brand’s simple and innovative aesthetic style.

According to different sports scenarios and needs, the two floors of the store display a full range of branded sneakers and apparel products. The first floor showcased the brand’s iconic road running footwear products, while the second floor specifically showcased the sports lifestyle series, outdoor footwear series, and a full range of clothing products. The dynamic devices in the brand’s stores will also present On’s exclusive CloudTec® patented sole technology, Speedboard® speedboard, and Missiongrip™ outsole technology to consumers in a more intuitive way. At the same time, there is a drinking water supply device and storage space on the first floor, bringing a more friendly and caring runner service.

In the future, the Xintiandi store will also become a gathering place for running enthusiasts. On will occasionally carry out more fun creative community activities centered on running, including multi-themed exploratory runs, professional and fun workshops, etc., to explore running culture with more young consumers and enjoy the vitality given by sports.

On Pao Xintiandi Direct Store Address: On Pao Xintiandi Store, Building 5, Lane 123, Xingye Road, Huangpu District, Shanghai

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