NOUVEAU PROJECT officially released the 2022 Autumn/Winter Lookbook series

The name of the new brand NOUVEAU PROJECT comes from the “Art Nouveau Movement” and aims to export niche cultural entities in the information age, combining traditional fashion with technology Functional clothing and military uniforms re-link the relationship between people and different natural scenes. Its first experimental project, “Embryo,” shows the process of NOUVEAU PROJECT from conception to birth, and in the newly released Autumn/Winter 2022 series, it tells the second chapter of embryo planning. “Pronaos” means “porch”, which means that there are prominent porches in early ancient Greek architecture. Most of them are well-known for the porches in front of temples. This season, the brand restored the black steel frame structure that symbolizes modern architecture to the outline of “Pronaos”, and then uses twine, branches, and thatched roofs used in early buildings to complete its symbiotic relationship with modern architecture.
The new series continues to make clothing based on traditional techniques, and incorporates the design language of nature, meteorology, and architecture into the single product, while the fabric selection mainly uses textured fabrics to reflect the texture of mountains and as small as tree bark. In addition to black, which is the main color, beige and earth tones that echo “Pronaos” can also be found in the series. Some products use a multi-cut structure, incorporating special hand-dyed fabrics and traditional Japanese kendo uniform fabrics to ensure a diverse selection of fabrics. Part of the shoulder “shoulder-vent” cut, inspired by a retro motorcycle jacket, was refined and improved to an overall vented “back-vent”, integrated into the design language of the product. Some pants were inspired by meteorology’s low vortex shear, and cut into it from flat to three-dimensional.

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