Nike LeBron XX may welcome variants

As the 20th pair of signature shoes in LeBron James’s career, the Nike LeBron XX aroused the curiosity of many shoe fans because of its special era identity and disruptive minimalist look similar to “Kobe sneakers” before it was officially released. However, with the official launch and various practical battles, its structural design and material selection flaws still made many friends who were looking forward to it disappointed, and everyone hoped that Nike would strengthen it more and more. Recently, it was revealed on the Internet that it is suspected to be a variant of Nike LeBron XX that is a facelift of the Nike LeBron XX “NXXT”. The desire to reinforce it seems certain that it will come true.

As you can see from the picture that comes out, the overall outline and last structure of the shoe completely inherits the minimal low-cut design style of the Nike LeBron XX, but the size of the Nike Swoosh that originally runs through the side of the shoe has been reduced to a bit of sharpness. What is worth paying attention to is the improvement in the material section. Judging from the spy photos alone, the upper woven material, which was previously criticized, was replaced with a similar hard and lightweight upper, and it seems that the strength and support of the upper can be improved to a certain extent. In addition, the much-criticized midsole material is too soft, which can easily cause the foot to deform. It seems that targeted reinforcement has also been carried out by adding a hard crystal bottom. It is estimated that the details and actual performance will not be known until the official announcement and sale. Interested friends can keep an eye on related trends.

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