Maybe Tomorrow x Saudone’s new shoe collaboration released

When it comes to retro running shoes, Saudone must be a treasured brand that cannot be bypassed. Recently, they teamed up with Los Angeles clothing brand Maybe Tomorrow to launch a new co-branded shoe series called “Better Together”. This collaborative series is based on two classic models, the Shadow 6000 and 3D Grid Hurricane, inspired by Aesop’s fable “The Tortoise and Rabbit Race” story. Shadow 6000 symbolizes “gray rabbit”. It is covered with gray and brown suede on top of a white mesh material, and the thick plush shoelaces also fit the “rabbit” image. The 3D Grid Hurricane symbolizes “turtle,” and uses green, orange, and a touch of brown to create a combination, and the image of a peaceful and patient “turtle” pops up on the shoes. This collaboration series will be the first to be pre-exhibited at ComplexCon on November 19 and 20, and officially sold on Maybe Tomorrow’s official website on November 25. If you are interested, don’t miss it.

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