KO canvas upper! Union x AJ’s new joint renderings revealed!

Union, a trendy store located in Los Angeles, has been closely cooperating with Nike in recent years. The joint products launched by the two sides are favored by countless trendy players almost every time they go on sale.

Following the success stories of Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 4, Union continued to work hard this year, selling Union x Nike Cortez and Union x Air Jordan 2 one after another, which also received a high level of attention.
▼ Union x Air Jordan 2

Recently, Union and Jordan Brand once again joined hands to launch a new co-branded shoe model, and the physical picture was revealed accordingly.

For this new joint name, the two sides chose Air Jordan 1 KO Low, which has a strong OG temperament, as a model for the creation. The overall shape is based on a large area of white and is embellished with gray and yellow.

The shoe body is made of all-canvas material, which better interprets the temperament of the Air Jordan 1 KO, while further improving the comfort of everyday wear.

Pic via: zsneakerheadz

Currently, a brand new Union LA x Air Jordan 1 KO Low will officially meet next year. The sale price is $150. Unfortunately, only a small amount of information has come to light so far. Interested friends can continue to pay attention to more information on this shoe model, and we will also report to you as soon as possible.

Union LA x Air Jordan 1 KO Low
Item Number:
DO8912-101 Sale Date:
2023 Sale Price: $150

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