Iverson fans gather! Black Gold “Answer Battle Boots” release date revealed!

Although Iverson has retired for many years, the Answer series is still an irreplaceable classic in the hearts of many fans. At the same time, Iverson’s replica sneakers are also one of Reebok’s most important product lines.

Recently, the previously revealed black and gold color scheme Reebok Answer DMX has finally confirmed the release information!

Black is the main color of the entire pair, with gold and white accents in the details, giving off a low-key yet luxurious feel.

The upper is made of leather, continuing the solid workmanship of early basketball shoes.

The side of the shoe is embellished with the“ I3” logo, and the inside of the midsole is  Reebok DMX 10 mobile air technology.

Finally, the white midsole is paired with a translucent black outsole, and the interior is decorated with glitter, representing the 76 man’s classic black and gold robe.

It is reported that the brand new Reebok Answer DMX will go on sale on November 18. The sale price is $170 US dollars. Interested friends can continue to pay attention, and we will also be there as soon as possible Report for all of you.

Reebok Answer DMX“ OG”
Item Number: GW6372
Sale Date: November
18 Sale Price: $170

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