It’s a little ACRONYM! Nike ISPA new shoes are functional!

The ISPA series is arguably one of Nike’s most interesting product lines in recent years.

With creative styling and the application of new materials and technology, every new shoe can be a surprise.

A new shoe model, the Nike ISPA Sense Flyknit, was unveiled this year, and recently the latest color scheme came to light.

This shoe type uses a high-top sock cover design, and the upper fabric uses different weaves and thicknesses in different parts, bringing a very rich sense of visual hierarchy.

The lower part of the upper uses a special process of combining fabric and hot-melt material to enhance support.

There is also an independent webbing reinforcement on the inside of the upper, providing extra support and coverage for the arch of the foot.

The midsole is made of foam for a lightweight, comfortable foot feel.

The outsole has sky-high nail-like rubber lines only in the necessary parts, which ensures wear resistance while reducing weight.

This new color scheme is decorated with black with fluorescent green accents. It is full of functionality, and it really has a bit of a COURSE flavor.

It will be on sale soon, so players who like it may wish to pay more attention.

Nike ISPA Sense Flyknit
No.: CW3203-003

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