Interview with Edison Chen——He finally told us the secret of the “latest co-branded shoes”…

On October 27, International Panda Day marks its sixth year since its establishment. CLOT, which is crowned by Edison Chen, has launched a month-long themed event.

Not only was CLOT’s first mascot, the panda Ning Ning, but also released a joint partnership with Converse and many brands to jointly express support for wild pandas and natural ecological conservation awareness.  
▼  CLOT Mascot – Panda Ning (Ning Ning)

As a sneaker player, the CLOT x Converse “Panda Pack”, which was specially created this time, is naturally our top priority!

Before it went on sale, Guan Seago also privately told us a few secrets about this “Panda Co-branded Shoe”!  
 ▼ A real shot of Xiaobian out of the box

Regarding the panda pattern on the shoebox packaging, Edison Chen privately revealed,

  “I specially went to Chengdu to see giant pandas in 2017 because it represents our Chinese traditions and culture. I used the panda photo I took from that experience on this shoebox. Seeing how cute they hang on a tree made me realize how important it is to protect the Earth’s environment. I hope the children of the future will enjoy the beauty of the Earth as much as I did.”

Talking about why bears appear very frequently in CLOT’s joint name, Edison Chen admits:
  “You know, first of all, because I love bears. We’ve worked with Converse on polar bear themes before, and I’ve designed many co-names for Be @rbrick. Because I love it, I will learn about their living environment, and the same goes for giant pandas. Because I know about giant pandas, I wanted to“ do something for” World Panda Day, and I got our mascot, Ning Ning. I hope to convey a relaxed, cute, brave, and hard-working attitude through this image. Incorporate that feeling into our designs and lives.”

And this time CLOT x Converse’s “Panda Pack” co-branded series, Guan Seago chose two classic shoe styles, Chuck 70 Hi and Jack Purcell Ox.

Among them, the inner and outer body of CLOT x Converse Chuck 70 Hi is made of a combination of natural fur and artificial fur.

It perfectly restores the black-and-white tone and fur texture of the national treasure panda’s signature. The furry black All-Star logo on the inside of the shoe echoes the tone of the shoe, interpreting the iconic cuddly nature of giant pandas. Another pair of CLOT x Converse Jack Purcell Ox uses black stripes to outline the classic “laugh” silhouette. Like the Chuck 70, it also has the same material patchwork design and two sets of black and white laces, and the tongue is lined with a soft white terry fabric. The two soles are the same as the previous CLOT x CONVERSE Polar Bear joint name. In response, Edison Chen said:

 “I really like the last time we incorporated the polar bear paw pattern on the sole. This time, we presented the newly designed giant panda paw pattern in the same position. If you take a closer look, you’ll notice the differences, which I think is really cool. I think the core of a joint partnership is“ mutual integration”, which is very important. I bring out my best designs and ideas, and you deliver great products so that they collide with the best results, as we have always presented at CLOT.”

▼ CLOT x CONVERSE “Polar Bear ” (2019)
The physical effect on the foot is excellent.

The simple and refreshing “panda color scheme” is all-you-can-eat with almost all pants, making it very versatile.

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