Go to the GODBAI “Good Time Park” offline Pop-Up shop

Goodbai, a clothing and lifestyle brand founded by Bai Jingting, recently opened a new Pop-Up shop named “Good Time Park”. The brand new store is located in Vientiane Tiandi, Shenzhen. It is built from a DEVSOLUTION degraded building. Using a large area of lush Fandel grass, the outline of the park is cleverly outlined, echoing the ground covered with sand. The glass exterior projects a continuous city silhouette in a textured layout that unfolds like a canvas. Walking into the store, they set up the GOODBAI 916 menswear series and the GODBAI womenswear series respectively, and launched the Shenzhen city-limited series, covering the three categories of clothing, hats and bags. They randomly drop in the form of eggs, bringing a surprising shopping experience.
Furthermore, as a figurative extension of the brand’s lifestyle concept, “Good Time Park” also aims to create a social venue during the 9-day opening period, with branded specialty coffee, co-branded desserts, and a “Good Message” co-created with everyone.
Opening hours: November 12 — November 20, 2022

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