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The clothing brand OK Center, which came to China, joined forces with Local Culture to open the Yijia Community Store in Shenzhen. It is located in the Nantou Ancient City Hybrid Building. Designed by URBANUS Urban Architectural Design Services, the store has transformed five buildings of different heights and styles to create a brand new space that alternates old and new, recording the traces of transformation left by the changing times and the tension formed by the volume of buildings with very different styles, and the characteristic tension of southern life.
OK Center Shenzhen Community Store has a collection of designer brand clothing and music peripheral products, including brands such as OK Center, Conp, SUWUKOU, Cry Me a River, On Run, FruityShop, and Necessary OK Center. At the same time, this is also a music-oriented event settlement space, and various forms of music activities will be held facing the neighborhood.
OK Center Shenzhen Community Store Address: No. 96-98, Zhongshan South Street, Nantou Ancient City, Nanshan District, Shenzhen Opening Hours: 10:00 — 22:00 Monday to Sunday

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