Get the latest “Wade Branch” combat boots at a bargain price! This is a great value for money too!

The design language is in the same vein as “The Way of Wade”, and has rich performance configurations. The “Wade Phantom” series has always been the benchmark for cost-effective sneakers, and has many hardcore clusters.

Recently, the 4th generation of new products has been released one after another. Not only is the appearance quite impressive, but the configuration has also been upgraded compared to the previous generation. The most important thing is that the current starting price of 4xx is really fragrant.

▼ Xiaobian took a real shot out of the box.

First of all, in terms of appearance, this“ blooming color scheme ”It’s the same color scheme as the starting color of Wade’s Way 10.

Also, in terms of detail, there are plenty of design elements that permeate Wade’s Way 10.

The whole thing has both a dazzling sense of vitality, a closer look and conceals rich family genes, and highlights can be found everywhere.

In terms of cushioning, the material combination of “front palm +full palm Li Ningyun” was used this time, taking into account response feedback and solid cushioning.

Compared to the previous generation rear palm settings, it is more convenient for the front palm to start, making the power response more agile.

The Probar Loc stabilizer covering the arch of the foot has a hollow weight treatment.

It’s also on both sides of the arch for extra lateral TPU wrap support.

Further improve torsion resistance and rollover resistance in high-strength battles.

Ultra Shell’s high-strength upper with large breathable mesh holes allows for both wrapping and breathability.

It also makes the overall weight 10% lighter than the previous generation, weighing 394 grams in 42 yards.

The tough oblique herringbone pattern on the outsole gives excellent grip and wear resistance.

In terms of crowd fit, it is more suitable for frontline players and defenders.

Currently, this pair of Wade Phantom 4 is on sale with a variety of color schemes. The official price is RMB 699.

In particular, it is worth mentioning that the official online store now only costs 479 yuan, which is quite friendly to student parties, so interested friends must pay more attention!

Li Ning’s Phantom
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