FUMITO GANRYU x Converse’s latest co-branded shoe model “Baskate” officially debuted

At Comme des Garçons, Japanese designer Marutyu Fumito, who has worked for nearly ten years, is the eponymous brand Fumito Ganryu. Following the release in July to launch the first co-branded clothing line with Converse, the co-branded footwear model “Baskate” used by the model in her Lookbook has finally arrived.
“Baskate”, as the name suggests, is a new pair of shoes that combine the functions of basketball sneakers and skateboarding shoes. It is based on the silhouette base of the retro basketball shoe model Converse ERX 260, which was popular among NBA players in the 1980s, and is made with smooth leather and dark soul color scheme. In addition to the huge tongue and three-dimensional embossed font pattern on the top as the biggest feature of the appearance, it is also equipped with an ankle support design and exclusive Converse “ENERGY” Midsole technology, Provides a comfortable cushioned foot feel.
The FUMITO GANRYU x Converse “Baskate” shoes are sold for ¥29,700 and are now sold through the Converse website, the FUMITO GANRYU online store, and other Japanese retail outlets. Interested readers may wish to visit the brand page to learn more.

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