FUMITO GANRYU x CONVERSE Collaboration New Shoe Model Unveiled

Since FUMITO GANRYU and CONVERSE collaborated in March, they have launched a variety of footwear and clothing items that have received good reviews, and this time, another new shoe model in the joint series between the two sides has also been officially unveiled. This new shoe model is based on CONVERSE’s classic retro basketball shoe model “ERX 260”, creating a low-key, all-black, and versatile effect. However, if you think the all-black design is too simple, then it’s a bit one-sided. This collaborative version of the “ERX 260” has put a lot of effort into many details that cannot be seen at first glance. First, Converse put ENERGY WAVE, the latest midsole technology unique to the brand, on this classic old shoe model, so that while having a retro look, the foot feel is refreshed and upgraded. In addition, for this shoe model, which is modeled after “basketball shoes”, the two sides specially designed the tongues to add more “skateboard shoes” elements to the basketball shoes, and at the same time add ankle protection and a sense of wrapping, making an ingenious combination. The “CONS” retro logo embossing on the tongue is also full of strong 90s skateboarding culture.

The new shoes in this cooperative series will be on sale on the FUMITO GANRYU official website and CONVERSE official website and some stores on November 11. Interested friends should not miss it.

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