Full of street style! Stussy’s new co-branded shoes are about to debut!

I’m sure everyone is no stranger to Stussy. As the originator of the street brand, the co-branded Air Zoom Spiridon Caged 2 and Air Force 1, which were launched by Nike, had quite a few Market prices.

Some time ago, I also joined hands with Converse to launch a new co-branded One Star and Chuck 70 shoe model, and they all look great.

▼ Last sale of Stussy  x  Converse

Recently, the two sides once again created a new co-branded shoe model based on One Star and Chuck 70.

The first pair, One Star, is made of all-over green, and the material is long-fleece suede, which not only guarantees a bright look but also provides an excellent texture.

The sideways star logo was changed to Stussy’s classic billiard black eight logos, highlighting the joint identity with a special color scheme.

Another pair of  Chuck 70 shoes changed the color to navy blue. The material is also made of plush suede, making them look more low-key and versatile.

The sideways logo was also changed to a billiard black eight logo, further showing the joint identity.

It ends with a traditional white midsole to complete the overall design.

Currently, two new pairs of Stussy x Converse shoes will officially debut overseas on November 3. The potential domestic sale date is expected to be November 4. Interested friends You can continue to pay attention, and we will be reporting to you as soon as possible.

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