Feeling jealous after watching Sandara Park’s “Shoes Wall”! Jenny actually loves wearing these Yeezy!

Everyone must be familiar with Park San-dora, who is known as South Korea’s No. 1 female shoe head.

Every time I put on a new pair of shoes, it attracts the attention of many fans, and the style of wearing has become an object of emulation for many people.

Recently, Park San-dora revealed her own shoe wall on social platforms. The popular shoe type and blockbuster co-branded pair after pair is actually a bit sour after reading it.

Her favorite pair of shoes is Travis Scott x Nike Dunk SB Low. Currently, the market price for both men’s and women’s sizes is 10,000 yuan.

I’ve been able to see this pair of tough shoes in many street shots before. To put it bluntly, the effect on the foot is really cool!

However, the slippers with the highest appearance rate in this video were actually slippers. They took out two pairs of Yeezy “hole shoes” in one go. Apart from the fact that the maximum size has a higher premium, the prices for other sizes are still very friendly.

As well as the four Yeezy slippers in different colors, judging from this buy-back rate, they really love it. Even Park Sandora herself laments that she unknowingly bought four pairs.

Also, there are the black and white models, Kwon Zhilong x AF1 2.0, which cost around 3,000 yuan, and the Stussy x Converse and RO x Converse, which cost around 1,000 yuan.

Coincidentally, recently Jennie also launched Yeezy slippers, which are casual and comfortable with a beige hoodie suit.

The sweatshirt is from the French brand American Vintage and is worn as a base layer for the most standard boarding look.

Wang Feifei wears the Prada x adidas Originals Superstar, which sells for over 3,000. The pure white color scheme is fresh and versatile, making it perfect for the goddess’s feet.

We will continue to pay attention to more celebrity sneakers and bring the latest reports as soon as possible.

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