EXI.T collaborates with Levis to create TAILORSHOP

In July of this year, EXI.T teamed up with Levi’s to create a limited edition REMAKE inspired by “FUTURE VINTAGE” Toolbox and washable waxcloth work apron. By using the tools yourself, you can get a unique creative experience of transforming classic denim items from Levis VINTAGE CLOTHING. And from October 21 to 23, EXI.T once again joined hands with Levis to extend this special collaboration idea to the offline scene to create a limited-time POP-UP concept workshop in the form of TAILORSHOP. This time, TAILORSHOP uses the concept of “FUTURE VINTAGE” as the main axis and uses metal and a large electronic screen structure to create an experimental space. There is also an exclusive on-site Tote Bag DIY customization experience, injecting inspiration from the sky into your own work.

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