Entering the new base of street brand ROARINGWILD in Shanghai

This month, the street brand ROARINGWILD officially entered the district store on Changle Road, Shanghai, with the concept of the 2022 Autumn/Winter quarter” Under the theme of “SPOMENIK MONUMENIK”, we will create a new POP-UP experience space. As the brand’s new base in Shanghai, it will generate more exchanges and connections in the form of a community, and carry out a series of offline activities on a regular basis to continue spreading street fashion culture. This time, the first floor of POP-UP embellishes the walls with a mottled, rough cement gray texture, and the interior installation is wrapped twice with black cloth, showing the sense of roughness and strength in the 2022 Autumn/Winter season concept, making the sinking feeling even stronger. The second floor of the store is a display space created by the new branch line ARCH. The entire concept space also revolves around the novelty and experimentation of ARCH itself, using a large number of industrial metal materials for secondary creation, emphasizing the brand’s more explicit conceptual expression.
ROARINGWILD Shanghai Changle Road No. 716 Changle Road, Nanjing West Road Street, Jing’an District, Shanghai

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