Enter the new limited-time store in Chengdu for a while

With the successful opening of stores in Shanghai and Shenzhen, the first direct-run store opened by UNINTEGRATED in the southwest region was also officially settled in Taikoo Li, Chengdu. Designed by designer Sean Hung and his team, UNDELICATED Chengdu Limited Time Store retains the essence of UNISTERS’s past store design, while incorporating more elements related to Chengdu and China into it. Inspired by the heroic athletes on and off the field, the overall environment and atmosphere are designed to reflect sports trends, lifestyle, music, art, etc. The materials and textures used in it, such as cement, wood, brick, and canvas, are also taken from modern California homes.
The wooden display stand at Nakashima in the store was inspired by the UACTP gym. The modular combination design allows it to be reorganized according to different needs. The display shelves on both sides of the store, rest benches, sofas, and showcases at Nakashima also evolved from the locker rooms in NBA stadiums. Coupled with a large sports scene poster on the wall and a basketball-themed art installation on the balcony, it once again highlights the close connection between UNPARADISE and sports culture. Furthermore, the “bamboo” element closely related to Chengdu also cleverly permeates the entire store. The booth at the entrance and the display stand on both sides are combined with bamboo poles. Not only is the display stand covered in bamboo green, but the tray on top is also made of green canvas to imitate the effect of woven bamboo strips. The store also placed many bamboo greenery in different locations, continuing the purpose of the new store to combine Eastern and Western cultures.
To celebrate the opening of a limited-time store in Taikoo Li, Chengdu also specially prepared a Chengdu limited capsule collection, including two long-sleeved T-shirts and two pairs Hoodie. The series was created by street artist Whyyy (Whyyy). The design was inspired by the face-changing stunts in the “Sichuan Opera”, a national intangible cultural heritage, to express the rich cultural heritage and relaxed attitude of the city of Chengdu. The collection is now exclusively available at UNCOOUS Chengdu Taikoo Li Limited Time Store.
Unsold Chengdu Taikoo Li Limited Time Store Shop 2240, 2nd Floor, Ocean Taikoo Li, No. 8 Zhongshamao Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu, Sichuan

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