Engineered Garments x Paraboot Special Collaboration Surprise Appearance

France’s veteran footwear force Paraboot and Engineered Garments have teamed up to bring a surprise co-branded shoe collection. This collaboration is modeled after Paraboot’s classic shoe model, “Michael”, to launch a new three-color design. To the outline of “Michael” Sven’s shoe shape, a metal shoelace buckle in the style of an outdoor hiking boot was added to create an “elegant outdoor” effect. The stitching design of high-grade waxed leather, suede, etc., also brings a unique layer of contrast and premium texture to the whole shoe. Engineered Garments’s low-key simplicity meets Paraboot’s already established shoe-making process, and I’m sure many people will be moved by the excellent work they collide with. The new products in this collaboration will soon be officially released. The specific sales information is yet to be further released by the official authorities. Interested friends should keep an eye on it.

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