END. Join hands with SUBU to create a new winter mood shoe

Renowned retailer END. The footwear brand SUBU teamed up to create a new shoe capsule collection. As the first collaboration between the two sides, this series launched three winter slippers. The upper has a design similar to a feather-stitched liner, which highlights the warm atmosphere of winter. The three color schemes of military green, bright orange, and dark brown seem to have created a MA-1 jacket wearing an early military uniform, revealing the front and back sides of the classic green-orange matching. Coupled with the classic image of a pair of dark brown military boots, the shoes also have a retro design element. Both brands are printed on the insole and upper separately, indicating the partnership status. This series will take place on October 29 at END. On sale on the official website, it costs £60. Friends who have a soft spot for niche shoes don’t forget to keep an eye out.

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