Drake x AF1 is back online after a year of jumping tickets! It’s finally on sale!

This year marks the 40th anniversary of Air Force 1, Nike’s evergreen shoe, and there will be a big wave of commemorative color schemes coming out soon.

Recently, Nocta x Air Force 1 also appeared on the Internet again, and news of the sale spread.

It came to light as early as last summer and attracted the attention of many players.

But then news broke that the sale was canceled due to complicated processes and other issues. Fortunately, news came out again this year.

The body features Air Force 1 Low’s signature pure white design, which looks plain at first glance, but it’s actually all about the details.

First of all, the upper leather uses lychee grain leather with a better texture.

The heel embroidery was changed to Nocta’s Three Swords logo, highlighting the joint identity.

The midsole design is the biggest highlight. The Air lettering on the side is replaced with a handwritten font, and the visual effect is still quite obvious.

Another change is the friction zone on the toe and heel, changing the traditional five-pointed star pattern to a peach heart pattern.

These design changes made the entire sole process more complicated, which may be one reason the plan was to cancel the sale.

I’m sure many players who like Air Force 1 will love this low-key yet well-detailed design.

According to the latest news, it will go on sale in November for $160.

An official teaser should be released soon, and we will continue to pay attention to the details and bring the latest reports as soon as possible.

NOCTA x Nike Air Force 1 Low“ Certified Lover Boy”
Item Number: CZ8065-100
Sale Date: November
2022 Sale Price: $160

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