Domestic sales have finally been decided! “Sakura Pink” Crocs fingerprint shoes are on sale this week!

Although it has already entered fall and winter, Crocs x Salehe Bembury “fingerprint shoes” are constantly introducing new color schemes.

After all, for friends in the South or players who wear casual wear at home, hole shoes aren’t out of season yet.

Recently, another “cherry blossom powder” color scheme appeared, and the appearance is quite durable.

Today Crocs finally announced the domestic sale information, so favorite players get ready.

Although it’s called cherry blossom powder, it’s not our usual refreshing light pink design, but a darker, less saturated pink.

At first glance, it looks a bit like brown, but the slight pink color makes the overall visual effect more durable and easier to match.

The rubber on the outsole and the top of the toe are made of a relatively bright pink color, which contrasts with the main body of the shoe and enriches the level of the shoe.

Incorporating Salehe Bembury’s own fingerprints, this type of shoe is more trendy than regular hollow shoes.

The hollow design is hidden in the pattern on the instep and instep, continuing the refreshing feeling of the pierced shoe.

The new color scheme will go on sale simultaneously online and offline on October 28 at a price of RMB 799.

Online channels include Dewu, Tmall, and JD channels, and also log in to some designated offline stores.

Although the previous two color schemes were much less difficult to get started with, some sizes also had a premium price.

There should be quite a few players who like the more durable cherry blossom pink color scheme this time, so everyone should hurry up and sign up for the mobile phone conference at the original price.

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