Dickies × Opening Ceremony co-branded series officially on sale

Workwear brand Dickies teamed up with Co-Creative Directors Carol Lim and Humberto Leon to launch an Opening Ceremony hosted by Co-Creative Director Carol Lim and Humberto Leon A new co-branded series that is both the final chapter of the Opening Ceremony’s 20th-anniversary celebration and an important part of Dickies’s 100th anniversary.
Based on four classic Dickies pieces, this series combines classic workwear silhouettes with high-quality fabrics and advanced tailoring techniques, and uses color variations and plaid elements to create unisex tooling products, bringing a new cropped tweed cargo pants, shirt set, velvet jeans, and denim jacket set. Carol Lim, Co-Creative Director of the Opening Ceremony, said, “Choose from Dickies’ most iconic classic tooling products and creatively transform them with today’s most beloved elements. How to reinterpret classics and pay homage to our community is one of our top considerations in design.”
For this special co-branded series, Dickies and Opening Ceremony also invited Grammy nominated screenwriter and director Andrew Thomas Huang to co-shoot. Through the theme of “A Creator’s Daily Day”, they captured three creators from different fields: first-generation Chinese-American actor and producer Poppy Liu, DJ and event producer Mez Monty, contemporary artist and jeweler Mez Monty Everyday life and creative moments.
The new Dickies × Opening Ceremony co-branded series will be available in designated offline stores starting November 10, and online channels starting November 12. Interested readers may wish to pay attention.

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