Designers are not too small! Adi’s “Co-branded New Shoes” is so cool!

The co-branded shoes created by Adi and London designer Craig Green have become the choice of many personality players due to their unrivaled look.

▼ Craig Green

Craig Green was there In 2015, he was selected as the final of the LVMH Young Designer Grand Prix, in the same frame as Virgil.

Recently, the two sides once again joined hands to bring the new CG SCUBA STAN. A total of three color schemes were introduced, including beige, black, and the classic white and green on Stan Smith.

The design is inspired by diving shoes. The material is covered with leather. The most unique part is the wraparound laces on the shoe body, which brings a novel visual effect.

Additionally, Addy and Dan Tobin Smith brought a unique catalog to re-express this design through installation art.

It is reported that the new Adidas Originals x Craig Green CG SCUBA STAN will be in CONFIRMATION on October 31 The sale price of the app is¥ 1,899 yuan. Interested players may wish to pay attention.

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