Danner x and Wander collaboration series released

Autumn and winter season is the “best time” to wear outdoor boots. Japanese fashion outdoor brand and wander teamed up with Danner, an established American outdoor footwear company, to launch a new cooperative boot model this season. The boot model is modeled after “Danner Light”, but instead of using the “traditional” original leather color scheme of traditional outdoor boots, it uses gray, which is quite an urban outdoor style, as the color scheme, and the American flag logo is embellished in many places to highlight its “MADE IN USA” lineage. In addition, the upper is also made of reflective material, which reflects unique light and shadows in urban nights. Also, as a professional footwear, GORE-TEX® waterproof technology, Vibram® soles are naturally not missing.

At the same time, and wander will also provide an outdoor jacket that matches the temperament of the shoe style as a match. The jacket is based on parkas produced by the U.S. Army Mountain Corps in the 1940s and incorporates modern tastes. The outer material is made of CORDURA material, and the inner lining is made of POLARTEC® ALPHA DIRECT fabric, which is both practical and comfortable.

The Danner x and Wander collaboration series snow boots are 85,800 yen including tax, while the jacket is 72,600 yen. They are currently listed on the brand’s official website and physical stores.

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