DADA DUODUO will host a POP-UP pop-up event in Shanghai

Following the Beijing Station, ,다다DADA DUODUO’s second large-scale domestic pop-up event is about to land in Shanghai. Exclusively hosted and curated by ANCHORET, the DADA DUODUO pop-up store space will continue to showcase the new Fall-Winter 2022 “STUDENT” series products. The brand continues to explore the concept of combining fashion, graphic design and art to create a fun community. Just as DADA focuses on specific expressions in creativity and is committed to promoting cooperation among different creative organizations to achieve common cultural identity belonging to Asians, this event will once again enter the public eye and resonate with diverse individuals in an open and casual atmosphere. Through their love for DADA, everyone shares the consensus of fashion, music, youth culture, and art in a free and vibrant social language. This event is by invitation only. Interested friends may wish to make a reservation and register through the mini program.
다다DADA DUODUO Shanghai POP-UP @ Wu Palace Address: A105, Lane 320, Wuyi Road, Changning District, Shanghai Date: October 29-30 (11:00 — 17:00)

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