Curry’s “latest signature shoes” are finally here! There’s also a special gift box!

With the opening of the NBA tournament, the defending champion Warriors showed their strength from the beginning. In the last game against the Sacramento Kings, Warriors head star Steven· Curry relied on 33 points and 5 rebounds A brave performance of 2 assists led the team to victory.

When I returned to Curry on the field, I even got on Under Armour Curry Flow 10, which was revealed some time ago, so what exactly is this pair of new Curry signature shoes? Today Xiaobian will bring you a detailed explanation of the unboxing, and this time it’s also a special gift box version!

In addition to including a pair of “made of steel” color in the gift box, Xiaobian

unboxed the gift box In addition to Under Armour Curry Flow 10, its homage to the original Under Armour  Curry 2 was also placed in it.

Under Armour Curry Flow 10’s first color scheme is called “Made of Steel”. As one of the iconic colors, it first appeared on UA Curry 2 to commemorate those The people who helped Curry break his records.

The entire pair chose black as the main tone, complemented by red accents, and the details were infused with yellow, adding a sense of hierarchy to the shoe body.

The side body is also decorated with a gradient effect, and at the same time has ink-splashing elements, continuing the fighting temperament that has been consistent with recent generations of Curry boots

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