crazy! Uzi signs with Nike, becoming its first e-sports athlete! Sign up for gear soon!

This morning, Nike officially announced that it has signed a contract with Chinese e-sports athlete, Uzi (Uzi).

And this also made Uzi the first e-sports player in the Nike family in the world, and the cards were full.

In June 2020, Uzi temporarily left the field due to a physical injury.

Nike invited Uzi for the first time, hoping to use professional sports knowledge and plans to help Uzi recover and return to the field.

In addition to adhering to daily training, Uzi tried many different sports and unlocked“ pigs and dogs” with factory manager Ming Kai to ride through the green field.

In addition, Nike filmed a “Hero Reboots” documentary using the Uzi training plan as a template to share Uzi’s training and rehabilitation process.

As training progressed, Uzi’s physical functions improved to various degrees, and we are finally looking forward“ to his” return to the LPL this summer.

As someone who has experienced the entire training recovery process, Uzi said:“ As long as you keep exercising, you’ll definitely see yourself slowly improving. ”

Nike believes that as long as you have a body, you’re an athlete. For the past 50 years, Nike has dedicated itself to serving the future of sports and athletes.

Nike said it will continue to work with Uzi in the future to share his passion for sports, so that more people can experience the inspiration and fun brought by sports.

I hope to see“ Uzi connecting again at the LPL next year”!

Also, is it possible to arrange signature gear now!

Pic via: UziQAQ/Nike

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