CLOT x CONVERSE “Panda Pop-up Store” opens! The city that was airborne this time was…

Last week, Seago’s CLOT and Converse collaborated to launch a new co-branded series.

To celebrate, the two sides teamed up to create a limited-time themed pop-up store at the JUICE store on the 5th floor of IFS, a trendy landmark in Chengdu.

The store design is very particular. Inspired by the bamboo culture unique to the Bashu region, it cleverly combines pandas with bamboo forest elements.

The whole area is divided in black and white, and the large panda figure at the entrance is honest and humiliating, making it perfect for taking pictures and checking in.

This time, the co-branded shoes were displayed prominently at the door, thereby showing support for China’s panda protection program.

On the opening day, the CLOT panda mascot, Ning Ning, visited the scene and brought everyone a cute and lovely dance performance.

In addition, Converse also hosted a creative workshop and IFS rooftop music party at the pop-up store. Famous musicians Geomagnetic Card and HARDOUKEN presented amazing performances.

According to the official news, the Converse x CLOT themed pop-up store will be open until November 17, so players who are in a position to do so should not miss it!

Instructions for entering the store
Address: JUICE Chengdu IFS
Time: November– 11 November 17
Admission Requirements: 24-hour negative nucleic acid test certificate (may change with the actual epidemic prevention policy)

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