Chicago AJ1 is on sale tonight! The “Nanny Level Buying Guide” is here!

No one wants to go to bed until 0:00 tonight!

After an exclusive raid by SNKRS and a lottery registration at offline stores, we have been waiting for a long time for “Chicago Air Jordan 1”, and tonight it is finally on sale on the official online channel!

First of all, Xiaobian

made it clear that tonight’s 0 Click, it will be officially sold through the Tmall “JORDAN Official Flagship Store” and the “SNKRS China” app. Currently, they are all listed on the trailer page.

On Tmall, you can find the rush page on the store homepage. It will go on sale tonight at 0:00.

Xiaobian specifically asked customer service. The opening of the group at 20:00 was only the opening time of the platform event, and in the end it was still based on the 0:00 sale time.

Currently, everyone can add to the shopping cart in advance, so that it is convenient to check out faster when the time comes.
 ▼ “JORDAN Official Flagship Store” entry page

Link to JORDAN’s official flagship store:
Amoy password (copy the full paragraph below):
68¥CZ0001 GNKSDYXO1wg¥  JORDAN official The flagship store

“SNKRS China” has also been announced. Click to enter to participate in the lottery tonight at 0 o’clock.
 ▼ “SNKRS China” entry page

It’s especially important to note that both channels will be appearing at the same time tonight at 0:00 p.m.

I recommend hitting Tmall first!

As no surprise, SNKRS will be in the form of a small lottery for Leo. There will be a registration window of about 2 minutes, but it is also necessary to work hard, so it is recommended to register the sooner the better!

Up to now, due to exclusive raids, small sales on Tmall, and the fact that offline stores have begun to sign up for shoes, the current market price has dropped significantly compared to last week.

Currently, in terms of pre-sale in the secondary market, men’s size 42.5/women’s size 37.5 has dropped to around 1,700 RMB.

In terms of stock, men’s sizes have reached around 1,800 RMB, and women’s sizes are around 1600 RMB.

I believe that with tonight’s extensive market sales, there will still be some decline, so everyone can also have an early prediction.

Finally, I wish everyone all the best to get started!

Air Jordan 1 High OG“ Chicago”
Item number:
DZ5485-612 Sale date: November 11
Sale price: RMB 1399

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