Can’t wait! “Kurogin” AJ6 debuts this month! Netizens: There’s an insides!

As one of Jordan’s championship boots, Air Jordan 6 definitely has an indelible position among many Air Jordan generations. Its high appearance and special design, even when placed in the current Air Jordan 6 It is still able to win the favor of countless fans.

Some time ago, a pair of new “black silver” color images of the Air Jordan 6 came to light. Due to its high similarity with the 2015 low-top black silver Air Jordan 6, it attracted the attention of countless sneaker players for a while.

▼ 2015’s “black silver” AJ6 Low

recently, this pair is brand new The “black silver” Air Jordan 6 official image has finally come to light, and a release date has been set.

The entire pair is made of a large area of black suede, and is complemented by metallic silver details, which are low-key and unobtrusive.

The tongue is embellished with a silver-grey Jumpman logo, further emphasizing the color scheme.

The electroplated silver element on the heel is particularly striking, and the rare Jumpman logo has been added with the 23 characters on the heel to show off the identity of a classic shoe.

Finally, it is finished with a crystal outsole and rubber material to complete the overall shape design.

It is reported that the brand new Air Jordan 6“ Metallic Silver” will go on sale on November 26. The sale price is $200, interested friends can keep an eye on it, and we will be reporting to you as soon as possible.

Air Jordan 6“ Metallic Silver”
Item Number:
DX2836-001 Sale Date: November 26
Sale Price: $200

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