C2H4 launches new “Soliton” _Alpha Derbies

C2H4 launched a new shoe model called “Soliton” _Alpha this season. The shoe body is made of a top layer of cowhide. The shoe shape uses a classic derby shoe shape, but the details have been adjusted to make the whole pair of shoes more high-quality feeling. The sole material is rubber and EVA. On the premise that the sole is wear-resistant, it is also necessary to keep the shoe body light and comfortable to wear. The split arc originates from the building, and is used for leather stitching on the shoe body, breaking the silent texture of leather shoes, and can modify the foot shape. The classic C2H4 hardware continues this design. The C2H4 foot opening design has been added to both the toe and heel, breaking the overly formal style attributes of derby shoes, adding a sense of design, and making it suitable for more styles in terms of matching. The brand new C2H4 “Soliton” _Alpha is now on the C2H4 official channel, so interested friends should not miss it.

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