Black “Taxi” Air Jordan 12 physical exposure! The texture is really nice!

Among the many color schemes of Air Jordan 12, the “Taxi” color scheme, which is called the “gold buckle” by domestic players, is one of the most popular.

Although there has been no recent news of a reprint of the original version, there is a dark version of Taxi that is about to debut.

The physical map was released recently, and the release date has been determined.

This color scheme uses pure black as the main color, and the upper is made of frosted leather with lizard pattern leather. The texture is quite good.

Details such as shoelace buckles are embellished with yellow, not traditional Taxi’s color scheme is gold, but it is still very conspicuous against the black color.

The sole is made of Taxi’s signature black and yellow two-tone carbon plate.

Although it’s not a superstar, the look is quite harmonious, so players who like Air Jordan 12 may wish to pay attention to it.

It will go on sale on December 3 for $200. We will continue to pay attention to the details and bring the latest reports as soon as possible.

Air Jordan 12“ Black Taxi”
Item number:
CT8013-071 Sale date: December 3
Sale price: $200

Pic Via: Kenrockgotem

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