Be the first to unpack! “Chicago AJ” 2 head sales information leaked! Netizen: This OG flavor is just right!

I’m afraid the biggest shoe model at the end of this year is the “Chicago” Air Jordan 1, which returned after 7 years.

It has now been locked and officially sold on the SNKRS China app at 0:00 on November 11. Yesterday Xiaobian took the lead in bringing you the unboxing of these shoes.

Among Jordan Brand’s many modern footwear models, those with “Chicago” ancestry, in addition to their big brother “Chicago” Air Jordan 1, also have “Chicago” 2 heads of the family, do you know?

This year, Jordan Brand also brought back a copy of the OG version of these shoes, just before the sale, Xiaobian brought you a sneak peek out of the box.

If you can’t grab “Chicago” Big Brother, you might as well consider “Chicago” as the second head of the family!



Why is AJ Shodai the most underrated Virgil is rushing for a joint name

as the second year that Michael· Jordan (Michael Jordan) officially signed with Nike. Legendary designer Peter· Moore (Peter Moore), after designing the Air Jordan 1, brought the Air Jordan 2 with a completely different design style from its predecessor in 1986.

For almost 40 years, Air Jordan 2 has been caught between the two great sneakers Air Jordan 1 and Air Jordan 3.

As a result, the popularity has always been tepid, but objectively speaking of the strength of the Air Jordan 2, it is definitely a seriously underrated sneaker.
 ▼ Real shot out of the box by Xiaobian

as to why Air Jordan 2 is seriously underrated. Today Xiaobian will interpret it for you from two aspects: the historical background of Air Jordan 2 and the shoe design itself.

First of all, during the Air Jordan 2 season, Jordan himself had the fewest foot injuries due to injuries and illnesses, which can be said to be the fewest shoes of any Jordan generation.

However, with Jordan averaging 37.1 points per game in the 1986-1987 season, he became the NBA’s top scorer of that year, and his performance in 9 consecutive 40+ games also set a record.

During the All-Star Weekend, Air Jordan 2 helped Jordan become the king of dunking, and I’m sure many players are no strangers to this action.

Therefore, the Air Jordan 2 shoes actually carried many of Jordan’s own highlights on the field, and in a historical sense, they have enough reason to start.

Let’s look at the shoe design itself. In many ways, Air Jordan 2 has trans-generational product significance.

Peter· Moore boldly removed Nike’s most famous Swoosh logo after completely breaking out of the Air Jordan 1 design language.

This design also made Nike’s first pair of shoes without the Swoosh logo.

At the same time, due to the production level of that year, the Air Jordan 2 production line was moved to Italy in the first year.

The lizard skin texture on the shoe body made the “MADE IN ITALY” lineage even nobler, but it also caused the sale price of the entire pair to soar to $100 that year.

In addition to that, the Air Sole cushion was an absolute foot-like ceiling-level technology at the time.

The heel position is more rigid, further enhancing the functionality of the Air Jordan 2 as an actual basketball shoe.

Italian roots, cushioned cushions, and countless accolades, Air Jordan 2 was definitely a combination of elegance and performance in 1986.

Looking back at the history of Air Jordan 2 and looking at the present, there are times when beautiful things don’t necessarily have to be versatile, but become more valuable because they are special.

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