ASICS EX89 is back in color with three NBA home teams

Shortly after Ronnie Fieg brought us a variety of ASICS EX89 retro sneakers from the NBA New York Knicks collaboration series a few days ago, these “ancient morning” basketball shoes, which were born in the late 80s, will be given classic NBA team colors and relaunched by ASICS. As can be seen from the exposure map, the upcoming three new pairs of shoes will all have white soles with the team’s symbolic color block. They are the white-green “Celtics”, the blue-orange “Knicks”, and the purple-gold “Los Angeles Lakers”. Among them, the Celtics models also have a distressed yellow midsole, which further highlights the retro sense of the era. It’s easy to see that the launch of these three new pairs of shoes is a clear sign that ASICS was inspired by the series designed by Ronnie Fieg for the Knicks, and is also a clear sign that ASICS is interested in promoting the EX89, a shoe that is in line with the current retro basketball shoe trend. As a brand that launched professional basketball shoes for NBA players in “ancient times”, ASICS also hopes to continue to promote the stadium culture and the “golden years” of the past. No specific sales information has been announced for this new shoe series, so interested friends can continue to pay attention to the relevant information.

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