Another new pair of “What The” shoes are here! How many color schemes can you recognize?

“What The” has always been one of the most popular collections of Nike sneakers. With just one pair of shoes, you can condense the color scheme of the entire collection and create a striking and vibrant look.

Recently, the “What The” family welcomed their newest member: Nike PG 6.

The whole thing still continues the fancy look of this series, with a large number of asymmetrical patterns embellished every part of the upper.

Everything from shoelaces, tongue laces, to shoelace holes, etc., is designed in a mandarin duck style.

The heels on both sides also correspond to different color details. I wonder how many pairs everyone in front of the screen can recognize?

However, Xiaobian’s favorite detail is the bright silver toe shape, which very well neutralizes the fancy look brought by the upper pattern, making it more visually uniform.

In terms of technical configuration, although it is only equipped with full React, the performance is still online. If you can get started at a discounted price, it is also a cost-effective choice for actual combat.

It is reported that the brand new Nike PG 6“ What The” will go on sale on December 3. The price is $120 US dollars. Favorite friend Stay tuned for our follow-up reports!

Nike PG 6“ What The”
Item Number: DR8959-700
Release Date: December 3
Sale Price: $120

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