Adidas officially announced the end of its partnership with Kanye West

Thanks to Kanye West continued to act out of order, causing controversy, and partner brands decided to cut off one after another. As its employees’ dissatisfaction with it grew, and under pressure from the inside and outside, Adidas, which is closely related to Kanye West, finally made a decision and officially issued a statement ending the cooperation. The official statement stated: “Adidas will not tolerate anti-Semitism and any other hate speech. Kanye West’s recent actions violate the company’s values of diversity, inclusiveness, mutual respect, and fairness.”, “After a thorough review, we decided to immediately terminate the cooperation, stop production of Yeezy products and other related businesses, and stop paying Kanye West and its units. adidas is the sole owner of the design rights for existing products (including new and old color schemes during the partnership).”
Since Kanye West signed with Adidas, the two sides have joined forces to create many legendary records. In addition to being topical and setting off a Yeezy craze, Kanye West’s strong design style has amazed people over and over again. It can be said that it was a very successful combination, but now it has been forced to stop due to various factors that are not the essence of the work, which is very bothersome. More information will be provided when Adidas releases its third-quarter financial report on November 9, so readers may wish to wait and see.

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