Adidas: Keep selling Yeezy next year! Kanye West really lost in this wave

As we all know, the wicked person currently number one in North America, Ye aka. Kanye West Kanya has become a public enemy of the nation.

After making anti-Semitic remarks and being canceled from the contract by adidas, they had to be invited out by Skechers even if they went to the Skechers Tower again. At the same time, they immediately issued an official statement saying that they had no plans or would not consider cooperating with Grandpa Kan.

Thinking back then, how could Grandpa be able to stand this kind of anger?

After a period of settling down, the latest news about Kan Ya and Yeezy ushered in updates.

Today, according to overseas media reports, adidas is expected to resume sales of Yeezy shoes in 2023. After all, adidas holds the design copyright, while the Yeezy series has accounted for 8% of adidas’ sales in the past few years.

Harm Ohlmeyer, the current CFO of adidas, made it clear that we are the sole owner of the Yeezy series in the past as well as new editions and color schemes, and we intend to use these rights as early as 2023.
▼ adidas CFO Harm Ohlmeyer

In fact, Kan not only lost his reputation when he left adidas, but he also suffered quite a bit of financial damage, and the only thing he took away from adidas was the name Yeezy.

At the same time, adidas is evaluating whether to sell its existing Yeezy inventory, but specific plans are still being studied.

If they can clear their existing inventory, not only will they be able to stop losses for adidas, but players will also have a chance to start again, but it’s likely that it won’t be called Yeezy Day anymore. What are your suggestions?

Finally, there is another interesting story from the surrounding area. Julia Fox, the former girlfriend of Kan Ya, said when she was a guest on the podcast program, that her acting career had not improved because of Kan Ya.

Although there have been changes, they are not good changes. Simply put, there is no more activity, less money…

Julia Fox even used the“ word” infamous when expressing her current fame.

I don’t know what people think about this operation?

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