24 Kilates x Diadora Collaboration Complete Set Unveiled

Italian retro sneaker brand Diadora and well-known shoe store 24 Kilates have brought a new co-branded collection set. This is the sixth time the two have joined forces, and the series is named “Friends for Life”. The collaboration underwent a special transformation based on the classic Diadora V7000 shoe shape. The design was inspired by the 1992 Barcelona Olympics mascot “Cobi”, designed 30 years ago based on a Catalan shepherd. The shoe body uses a large area of yellow color to fit the inspired image, made of pigskin, horseskin and other high-grade leather stitching, echoing the mascot image through the long-fur plush texture. The tongue and attached tag both use this collaboration theme embroidery pattern. The whole shoe is presented to the world through a high-standard Italian manufacturing and assembly process, and released with the complete set is also a white T with the “Cobi” cartoon image shirt.

“Friends for Life” was one of the most popular theme songs from the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, and it also perfectly symbolizes the close relationship between 24 Kilates and Diadora who have teamed up for six times. I don’t know if you like the Sincerity Co-branded series launched this time. If you are interested, you might as well visit 24 Kilates Let’s buy it on the official website.

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